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Product technical bulletin

Our panels are comprised of two main parts the face and the body. We use top quality exterior house paint to ensure maximum protection and durability.

Due to the shape of the face and the polyurethane foam interior our panels insulate thermally as well as acoustically.

The Face

The face is a Terephthalic based resin that allows for incredible detail in our moulded panels while providing a rigid and resilient exterior.

Properties of cured resin

Heat Deflection Temperature ( HDT )

Water absorption

Tensile strength

= 82 degrees – ISO0075-B

= 0.18% – ISO0062

= 71MPa

The Body

Is made from RF1215 which is a self-extinguishing rigid polyurethane foam system for general-purpose applications. The system uses ECOMATE® as the blowing agent which has zero Ozone Depleting Potential, zero Global Warming Potential and is SNAP approved.