Rockwood Wall Cladding Products, Kwazulu Natal South Africa

ROCKWOOD Slate, Brick, Stone & New Cladding Wall Panels

ROCKWOOD currently manufacture a range of brick cladding, slate designs and colours, & unique stone panels.
Our brick cladding range Brick Cladding Range
The look & texture of real brick in an easy to install, clean cladding system.
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Our stone cladding range Stone Cladding Range
Aesthetically pleasing & easy to work with - try our stone cladding for your next project.
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Our slate cladding range Slate Cladding Range
For a natural look that is hard to beat and is very much in fashion - try our slate range.
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New products ranges New Products Ranges
Check this sections for new products to be launched soon!
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A comparison between ROCKWOOD wall cladding & other products

Light weight Heavy real stone and brick
No wet-work, no dust, no mess Wet work, dust and mess
Thermal and acoustic insulation Cold and noisy feel 
Quick and easy installation Takes time to complete alterations
Easy to cut and fit Complex cutting and fitting
Requires only DIY skills Professional artisans needed
Low cost installation Expensive installation
Guaranteed quality finish Quality of finish unknown
Alterations in a business environment done with little disruption Alterations cannot be done in a working business environment
UV resistant Depends on material used
Water resistant Depends on material used
Non-toxic – can be enjoyed immediately after installation  
An industrial product with a high quality standard  

Technical characteristics of ROCKWOOD cladding

  DIN number Unit Rockwood Cladding
Density 53215 Kg/cubic cm 300 - 340
Shore hardness 53505 ShD 40 -050
Flex 53423 Kg/sq cm 80 - 100
Thermal resistance ISO 8990:1997     0.56
Fire standard 4102   B1
Water absorption (after 120 hours) 53472 % 1
Dimensional stability   % -30 Celsius
% +80 Celsius

Glossiness Satin UV Resistance Good
Structure Closed Water Resistant Good
Hardness Hard Weather resistant Good
Acoustics Good Chemical Resistant Moderate
Insulation Good Weight Light
Paintwork  Acrylic Scratch Resistant  Moderate
  Material Polyurethane